Sunday, September 30, 2007

for sixty seconds, there is a minute

Right now, I'm sitting in Joyner. The sound of the air conditioner is whispering into my ear and laughter of nearby friends rings like bells in a quaint, familiar Scottish village in France. Dominic enters and we discuss many things. Woman's rights. Michael Jackson. Co-ed showers and whether Quentin should lavish us with a bottle of cheap wine. The time that slips by reminds me of how ephemeral life is. I like Virginia Wolfe. Don't you? Here's a random link. Here's another one. Distributing cookies makes me think of the love of God that we should distribute to every tucked away crevice of this campus. Jonathan begins to sniff his sandal.

Isn't he beautiful? I shall leave you with a thought.

There once was a son who took his inheritance and squabbled it in a foreign land. As he was casting starfish into the ocean he looked and saw one set of footprints. "Why are there only one set of footprints?" the son asked. And Jesus said unto him, "I was carrying you, my child. I was carrying you." A parable from the Book of Maccabees


Abby said...

If you're going to parody my blog, at least spell the name of my literary idol correctly... geez...

Haha, I love you two, though. This was so perfect.

Eliz said...


thanks for giving me a grin this evening.